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Our Background

Welcome to ASEAN Records, an esteemed platform with the official consent from ASEANSEC (Ref: CCAD/LSAD/UNA/2023/Vol.1/014). ASEAN Records Sdn Bhd is registered under Companies Commision of Malaysia (SSM) (Ref: 202301047179/ 1541093-T). The ASEAN Records is a platform that aims to showcase SouthEast Asia’s achievements and promote excellence in various fields, it recognizes a wide range of accomplishments and unique feats by individuals and organizations in Southeast Asia.

ASEAN Records mission is to showcase and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of individuals and organizations within Southeast Asia. From groundbreaking innovations to profound contributions, we are the bedrock for recognizing and applauding excellence that resonates throughout the ASEAN region.

At ASEAN Records, we transcend the ordinary by acknowledging not just records but also the remarkable individuals who shape communities and contribute significantly to the fabric of the ASEAN region. We exist to honor the spirit of competition, innovation, and creativity that defines our dynamic and diverse community.

With the support of ASEAN Embassies, we aspire to touch the hearts and minds of a broad audience. This initiative is not just a record-keeping endeavor; it is a source of pride and inspiration for the entire ASEAN community. Together, we celebrate the achievements that propel Southeast Asia to new heights, uniting us in a shared journey of excellence and accomplishment.


To recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the ASEAN region, promoting a culture of competition, innovation, and creativity, and contributing to the region’s social and economic development.


To be the leading platform for record-keeping, recognition, and celebration of exceptional achievements and contributions across the ASEAN region, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration among individuals, businesses, and organizations.