Roti Canai: Voted the #1 Best Bread in the World

Roti Canai: Voted the #1 Best Bread in the World

TasteAtlas, the globally recognized authority on culinary excellence, has unveiled its latest ranking, and the results are in: Roti Canai, the traditional pan-fried flatbread, has clinched the prestigious title of the “Best Bread in the World.” This accolade comes as a testament to its unparalleled taste, texture, and historical significance.

TasteAtlas, known for its impartiality and commitment to authentic culinary experiences, employs an extensive and meticulous selection process. Designed to weed out fake accounts, nationalistic biases, and local patriotism, the mechanism places substantial value on ratings provided by users with recognized culinary expertise. For the “10 Best Rated Breads in the World” list, which remains open for ratings until September 4, 2023, a staggering 14,404 ratings were submitted. After rigorous scrutiny, 9,498 ratings were deemed legitimate by the system, reflecting the commitment to ensuring the utmost accuracy and fairness in the rankings.

It’s important to note that TasteAtlas Rankings are not intended as definitive global conclusions about food; instead, their purpose is to celebrate outstanding local cuisines, ignite pride in traditional dishes, and inspire curiosity about unexplored culinary treasures. Roti Canai’s rise to the top spot is a testament to its exceptional quality and the rich heritage it embodies.

Roti canai is a cherished culinary gem with its roots in India, where it was brought to life by Indian laborers who migrated to Malaysia. Crafted from a simple blend of flour, water, eggs, and traditional Indian clarified butter, ghee, roti canai undergoes a unique preparation method. The dough is meticulously folded, resulting in a heavenly creation with a layered texture, a tender core, and a delightfully crispy outer layer.

Today, Roti Canai is enjoyed not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand. Its widespread popularity stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of this delectable bread.

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