TOP 10 World’s Greatest Tunnels – SMART Tunnel

TOP 10 World’s Greatest Tunnels – SMART Tunnel

The Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel (SMART Tunnel) is a dual-purpose tunnel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was completed in 2007 and is considered to be one of the world’s greatest tunnels due to its innovative design and multifunctional use.

The SMART Tunnel is designed to function as both a stormwater management system and a vehicular tunnel. The tunnel is 9.7 km long, with a diameter of 13.2 meters, and is capable of carrying up to 30 million liters of water per minute. During heavy rainfalls, the tunnel can divert floodwaters away from the city’s central business district, reducing the risk of flash floods.

In addition to its stormwater management function, the SMART Tunnel also serves as a vehicular tunnel, allowing traffic to flow between the northern and southern parts of Kuala Lumpur. The tunnel has a double-decker design, with the lower deck dedicated to managing floodwaters and the upper deck for vehicles.

The SMART Tunnel is also equipped with various safety features, such as fire suppression systems and emergency evacuation routes, to ensure the safety of its users in case of emergencies.

Overall, the SMART Tunnel is a remarkable feat of engineering and an innovative solution to the problem of urban flooding. Its dual-purpose design has helped to alleviate the risk of flash floods in Kuala Lumpur while also improving the city’s transportation infrastructure.